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This page shows the essential SEO Tools you will need

Keyword Research Tools

Every SEO will need to do some form of keyword research when working for a client. Here are the tools I would recommend; – Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Its Free and you can see estimates of how many people search for certain keywords. You can find related keywords and how much Advertisers bid for sponsored listing.– Micro Niche Finder like many other tools out there allows you to find those longtail keywords that you may not find in Google. The good thing about this tool is that you can check how competitive certain keywords are based on the algorithym the software uses. I believe this is a mixture of things like allintitle, allinurl, inanchor searches and how competitive the first page is.

Backlink SEO Tools – Free Backlink Checker powered by MozScape. You will be able to see a score for both the page and the root domain. This helps you when researching competition URLs. – SEO Toolbar for Firefox is what every link builder or SEO should have installed. Quickly see backlink profiles of websites as you visit them. This retrieves the MozScape score of the page and the root domain. You can quickly run backlink report and it will open up with more details. – Free and Paid Backlink Checker. You only get 5 page impressions per 24 hours. However the paid version is well worth it. You can check new links added everyday so great for monitoring where and when links are added. – Free and Paid Backlink Checker. Neat tool that is easy to see a breakdown of the links. You can also check Backlink History Graphs as well as compare competition in graphs too. – SEO Spyglass by Link Assistant is another tool I use on a daily basis to analyze the links to any site. This tool is not web based like the others, its a nice bit of software that shows you quite a lot of detail about every backlink found including age of link, total links on the page, linking ip and many more. – This seo toolbar for firefox allows you too find out fast if a page or domain is indexed, with recent cache in Google, archive of the URL in wayback machine, if the site is listed in popular web directories like dmoz and botw and number of links from

Keyword Density Tools – Very useful tool to find out how many keywords are repeated on the page. Google don’t like keyword stuffing so this tool is very handy.

Website Analytic Tools – Google Analytics helps you see lots of details about traffic to your site, what keywords were used, where the visitor came from to arrive at your site and even where they click on your page. You can watch this in real-time which can get quite addictive! – Google Webmaster tools allows you to see how Google sees your site, what links Google is picking up, any problems with your content or code. Any errors on your site and more. – If you want analytics without letting Google see everything going on with your sites links and traffics then this free tool is great. What I like about statcounter is it can show you recent keyword activity and recent came from reports. They also send out reports via e-mail which helps you keep track of your traffic without having to log in online.

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