Google Disavow Link Tool – Clean up those Spammy Links

If you have ever suffered from your site dropping which you believe is due to spammy links targeted at your site then you may be thanking your lucky stars that Google have finally released this Disavow tool to discount those links. Negative SEO has gained a lot of attentions since Penguin update.

Here is Matt Cutts Video introducing this…

Webmasters have been asking Google for a long time now for this tool and they have finally listened. Bing was first to introduce such a tool and it was only a matter of time before Google decided enough is enough with this Spam.

Many website owners were affected massively with sites dropping left right and centre after the initial penguin update back on April 24th 2012. This update affected websites owners with an over optimisation penalty. Basically anyone that had too many of the same anchor text links to their site.

My main income site was also affected even know I had been doing natural link building but a competitor decided to send thousands of links using the same anchor text to my site, all from spammy forums. I believe this was the main reason why my site dropped in the rankings.

Who is this disavow tool for?

Basically there will be 3 main reasons why anyone would feel the need to use this tool

  1. A competitor has linked to your site many hundreds or thousands of times from spammy websites or forums. Like ME!!
  2. You outsourced the seo link building and you believe they used dodgy links
  3. You used paid for links or blog networks and you want to tidy up your link profile.

If you have received a warning in your Webmaster tools account then you will likely benefit from this. If you haven’t then its possible that you don’t need to, however I’ve previously asked them to discount thousands of spammy links to my site and all I got was a template e-mail saying ‘No Manual Spam Actions found’. So I believe even if you haven’t had the e-mail or notification in Webmaster tools, and believe you need to disavow those links to your site, then submit away.

Remember Penguin is algorithmic, those extra links will affect your link distribution and anchor text ratio.

How can the Disavow Tool help you?

Its quite simple to use the tool. First you will need to have a Webmaster Tools account.

Head over to the Google disavow link tool here:

Specify your site then agree to the warning screen if you wish to continue. This tool should be used with caution as it may harm your websites ranking in Google’s search results. If you are not longer ranking then you may have nothing to lose anyway.

Here is an example of what a file might look like:

Google Disavow Link Tool file

Many webmasters may feel like they could be giving too much away to Google, but to be honest not every webmaster does their own SEO or link building. Google’s spam team do want to help reduce the spam so this is a good thing.

Yes this is going to help Google build up a list of sites that need removing from their index, and if you’ve used any sites in bad networks then they are likely to get reported and removed anyway, so clean up your act or hire a professional quality SEO consultant 🙂

You should always focus on building quality links not only for the link benefit but to promote your business and gain extra traffic.

Thanks Google for doing something about those spammy links. Negative SEO has caused lots of issues for both website owners and SEO companies. Trying to remove links added by previous SEO companies is not a fast or easy task and also can cost money when blog owners charge to remove the links.

Don’t expect that after submit the links through the disavow tool that your site will automatically jump back up. It will take some time for those links to be removed from the index or discounted as passing any form of link juice. There will be loads of links that Google will need to manually review.

You should continue working with professional SEO consultants to build authority links to also repair your link profile.

I would like to hear your thoughts. Do you welcome this new tool? Are you likely to use it?

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